There’s a great profile of Anna Faris in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. There’s a lot in there about the double standards for men and women in comedy.

“What is that all about?” Faris wonders. ”Is it that funny women are scary?”

Seth Rogen (ah, Seth!) has a quote about what he can get away with as a male comic versus what women can do:

”I can be in movies smoking weed and dating high school girls and shooting people with machine guns and the studio doesn’t bat an eye. But as soon as a girl does something remotely unlikable, they say, ‘We don’t want a b****y girl in the movie! No one wants to watch a b***h!”

Personally, I’m afraid it’s as much about attitude as looks. Good comics often look really goofy, ugly even. And Hollywood doesn’t like an ugly girl. What do you think?

While you’re at the EW site, check out this tribute to librarians.

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