In Secrets of Truth & Beauty, Dara is a former child pageant star. So, in order to introduce you to the wonderful authors and characters of the 2009 Debutantes, I am hosting a Debs Pageant on my blog.

Today we have Teresa from Danielle Joseph’s Shrinking Violet.

shrinking_violetCharacter name: Tere Adams
Age: 18
Biography: I am extremely shy, like I totally clam up when called on in class. I am also a music buff and despise mean people.

What is your talent? Music. My dream is to be a DJ.

What will you wear for the evening dress competition?
I’d be reluctant to wear a dress but probably something black and elegant but comfortable.

Who is your escort? Gavin Tam, the cutie in my English class.

And now for the interview portion . . . What’s the biggest challenge facing today’s youth?
Trying to live up to the media’s expectations of what a teen is supposed to look like, be like. Trying to find yourself through all of this.

Thank you Danielle and Tere!

To get your hands on Shrinking Violet, order it from Barnes & Noble, or pick it up at your local independent bookstore.

To learn more about Danielle, please visit her website.

Debs Pageant: Danielle Joseph
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