Librarian Life

As a librarian, my goal is to create a community of readers and creators. Read more about how I am connecting reading and making at my blog under the category of Make Literacy.


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Some of my favorite projects and programs I’ve done as a librarian include:

  • Library Coffee Houses showcasing student performers (High School Level)
  • Student Writing Club
  • Book Clubs
  • Student Library Aides
  • High School Summer Reading program
  • All-School Read of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle in which students and faculty collaborated to create interest-based discussions.
  • Class Projects:
    • NewberyPedia: Two sections of 5th graders completed this project. They were paired across sections, and together they needed to complete a wikispace page for the Newbery Medal or Honor book they had read. Students used critical reading skills to evaluate the books according to the Newbery criteria, and also gained technolgy and collaborative skills.
    • Non-required Summer Reading: Each sixth grader chose a book to add to the summer reading list. They wrote a brief description meant to entice their middle school peers to read the book, and typed it into a shared GoogleDoc.