Bloomsbury, 9781619636361, $16.99The Firefly Code cover

Mori and her friends live a normal life on Firefly Lane in their utopian community, Old Harmonie. In a world this safe and perfect, they’ve never had to question anything . . . never had to wonder about how their lives came to be. Until a new girl named Ilana moves in. She’s so perfect that Mori and her friends are curious . . . Where exactly did Ilana come from, and why does she act so strange sometimes? When Ilana’s secret is revealed, the kids on Firefly Lane must decide: is it finally time to start questioning the only world they’ve ever known?

In a stunningly imaginative story, critically acclaimed author Megan Frazer Blakemore takes readers on a journey with five friends–new and old–that will have everyone talking about not just what makes people human, but what makes them true friends.


“In this gripping novel, Blakemore (The Friendship Riddle) creates a disturbingly ordered world in which questions about friendship and family offer courageous and heartwarming testaments to the human spirit.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“The themes are strong, and the depiction of a tightly controlled world at the expense of individuality will surely fascinate fans of Lois Lowry’s The Giver . . . A very good selection for middle grade readers drawn to high-concept science fiction.” –  School Library Journal

“Will have children turning pages and thinking about important questions. An excellent choice for those who love Lois Lowry’s The Giver or Margaret Peterson Haddix’s sci-fi adventures.” –  Booklist

“This creepy, memorable novel is a welcome addition to the relative few utopian/ dystopian books for pre-YA readers.” – BCCB

“Blakemore gives readers lots to think about and discuss, making THE FIREFLY CODE very entertaining. A highly recommended novel!” – Sarah Rachel Egelman, Kidsreads

The Firefly Code has a perfect combination of intriguing science fiction and realistic tween interaction. I enjoyed every page, and look forward to what promises to be at least one more book set in Mori’s world. Highly recommended!” – Jen Robinson at Jen Robinson’s Book Page

A “welcome addition to the dystopic utopia genre” – Kirkus Reviews

School Library Journal’s Sneak Peek Says: “The author of the 2013 sleeper hit, The Water Castle (Bloomsbury), returns to speculative fiction in this new middle grade work that has been compared to The Giver.”