Megan Presenting
Photo courtesy of Stacey Radnor, Castelton Middle School

A certified school librarian, I love working with kids and teens. I am available  for presentations, writing workshops, and book groups at schools, libraries, and homeschool groups. If you are interested, please contact me directly: megan @



Want a sneak peek at what Megan will talk about? Watch this video created by Locomotion Multimedia:

What If from Sharyn Alice Murray on Vimeo.


Presentations/Workshops for Students:

Writing Workshops & Presentations:

  • What do Writers Do: The Power of What If?
    • Grades 2-8, 45 minutes plus time for questions.
    • After asking students what they think writers do, Megan will explain how the key thing writers do is to ask the question, “What if?” Using examples from her own work, as well as other novels, she explains how asking “What if?” questions opens up the world of the story. Students are invited to respond to prompts with their own “What if?” ideas.
    • Student responses:
      • “For some reason, I want to go home and write a book today.” – 5th grader in New York
      • “I never liked writing, but you make it sound like fun. I’m going to try again.” – 5th grader in Vermont
  • Building a Story: Workshop or Group Presentation
    • Grades K-8, 45minute presentation, 30-60 minute workshop depending on age of students.
    • If an idea starts with “What if?”, where does it go from there? This workshop focuses on character as a way of building story. In large groups, students will participate and act out a group-generated story. In workshop, students will brainstorm story plots and begin writing their own stories.
  • Writing is Revising:
    • Grades 3-12, 60 minutes
    • A presentation on revision of a published novel, followed by a workshop that teaches key revision techniques for fiction.
    • For this workshop, students should have a piece of fiction they would like to revise.
    • This workshop can be can be combined with a general writing workshop or “The Story in the History” to take students through the whole process of writing and revising a piece.
  • Book Groups
    • Discussion, Grades 3 through Adult
    • Has your class or book group read one of Megan’s books? She would love to be a part of the discussion!
    • As themes of family are strong in all of my novels, you might consider a parent-child book group.
    • Note: As her schedule permits, Megan will do free 20 minute Skype sessions with book groups who have read the book. (See below.)
  • Rates:
    • Daily rate: $900 plus travel expenses.


For Librarians and Educators:

  • Authentic Student Writing via the Writing Workshop
    • Presentation, 1 hour
    • Megan credits her success as a writer to her K-12 education with a writing-rich curriculum. She will share how specific models were used in her hometown school district, and how she continues to use the lessons she learned then in her professional writing career.
  • Maker Education: What is It and How Can you Incorporate it into Your Practice?
    • Full day workshop
    • As a school librarian, Megan has integrated making into her curriculum. She will share how she worked to draw out STEAM skills while focusing on the Four C’s: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.
    • Participants will have a chance to do their own making and plan how they use maker education principles in the classroom.
    • Megan can be booked to return to the classroom with teachers to demonstrate one of her lessons.
    • Please see Megan’s list of Books for Making and Make Literacy Lessons for a taste of what she does in her own practice.



I also do Skype Visits!

  • As her schedule permits, I will do free twenty minute Q&A Skype sessions for book groups or classes who have read one of her books.
  • Please contact me directly to make arrangements: megan @