So, I am not exactly what you would call up on the innerworkings of the Republican party. It turns out that Meghan McCain (daughter of Senator McCain) has been angering some within the party with her views on where the party should go from here. And the response of female pundits was thoughtful debate? Um, not so much. Laura Ingraham responded by . . . criticizing Meghan’s weight.

Meghan has a great response on her blog at the Daily Beast.

But here’s the thing that really got me thinking. When I saw her picture, I thought, “But she’s so pretty! Why are they picking on her?” And in the end, isn’t saying we shouldn’t criticize her because she is in fact attractive playing into the same game? It’s still making the discussion about her looks rather than what she has to say. Yes, she is pretty, but she’s not competing on America’s Next Top Model, she’s making an argument about politics.

I wrote a whole book with body image and prejudices at its core, and I’m as susceptible as everyone else. Not a big surprise, of course, but something I will keep working on improving.

Meghan with an H speaks the truth
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