Secrets of Truth & Beauty comes out two months from today. Two months! How did that happen? I remember back when I sold at the end of 2007, I couldn’t believe when I was told it would be published in 2009. 2009! That’s so long away! And yet now here it is, two months from drop day, July 7th.

In honor of my fortuitous release day (7/7), here’s a list of seven things I’m looking forward to this summer, in addition to my book release.

  1. Swimming. I love swimming. In Secrets Dara describes why she likes to swim, and that’s pretty much me talking.
  2. Ice cream. Maine offers all sorts of ice cream options, including frozen custard, which I think is a regional thing. It’s delicious, and a lot of places have flavors of the day with calendars and everything so you can schedule your frozen treats appropriately.
  3. Public Enemies I’ve loved Johnny Depp since 21 Jumpstreet and Christian Bale since Empire of the Sun. That’s many years of loving. Look here’s Christian Bale swing dancing:
  4. Summer reading. I haven’t made my list yet, but I’ve been craving some good nonfiction lately.
  5. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. I’m sure many people are waiting for this. In the meantime you can read a great interview with her from The Horn Book.
  6. Visiting libraries. I’ve been setting up events at libraries in Maine for this summer.
  7. Baseball! Of course baseball has already started and as a Red Sox fan it’s already starting to be an exciting season (near perfect games! sweeping Yankees! stealing home!), but once the summer really gets going, I actually have the time to enjoy it.

So there you go — seven things I am looking forward to, in addition to the release of Secrets of Truth & Beauty. What about you?

Seven for the Summer

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