In Secrets of Truth & Beauty, Dara is a former child pageant star. So, in order to introduce you to the wonderful authors and characters of the 2009 Debutantes, I am hosting a Debs Pageant on my blog.

dullboyToday we have Avery from Sarah Cross’s Dull Boy.

First a bit of background . . .

About Dull Boy

Superpowers are awesome — unless you actually have them, like Avery does. There’s only so much he can pass off as “adrenaline” before people start to get suspicious. Probably it’s best to lie low, so guys in white lab coats don’t come to carry him away, to find out what makes his freakish body tick. Who wants to be vivisected? But flying under the radar becomes a whole lot harder when you can actually fly. It’s dangerous to be different, so for now he’ll pretend to be normal, unremarkable Avery — a dull boy — anything to keep his secret safe.

What he doesn’t expect is the horrifying truth about where his powers came from, who else might have them, and the madness of one villain’s plan to turn this superpowered dull boy into something even more powerful and amazing.

 About Sarah Cross

 Sarah Cross has saved the world, like, five times since fifth grade — and you didn’t even notice. Learn her secrets at

And now for Avery!

Avery? Avery?

Hmm, well, it seems that Avery was called away on an unexpected emergency. Hopefully we’ll be hearing from him soon!

In the meantime, stay tuned for Paris Pan in the pageant on Friday.

Debs Pageant: Sarah Cross
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