One month from today, Secrets of Truth & Beauty will be released. It hit me in the car the other day while I was driving. No, not when I got word of the sale, not when I got my ARCs, not when I started seeing some reviews online, or even when I got my advanced copies of the actual book. I was just driving along, and got this giggly smile.

I have wanted to be a writer since at least sixth grade, and probably would have before that if I had believed that writers were real people and not magical beings. And I was thinking about that as I drove to work. Most writers will tell you that they can’t not write, and that if you are an inspiring author you should be willing to just write for yourself because the odds against publication are high. And yet, we all go out and keep trying to get published. Because part of writing, for me anyway, is wanting to be heard. This is odd because I really don’t like attention being focused on me. Public speaking makes me quake. Or maybe that does make sense — writing gives me a chance to have a voice but stay out of the spotlight.

Anyway, I was thinking about what it takes to surpass those publication odds. Not necessarily in my own case, but in general. I do believe it is a combination of talent, persistence, and luck. As I was trying to figure out just how much of the pie chart each would take up, it just kind of settled on me: “I wrote a book and people are going to read it.” Cue giggly smile.

It’s the Final Countdown!
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