Writer and director John Hughes passed away on August 6th. It’s a shame that we often don’t think of people, and their bodies of work, until they are gone, but hearing of his death definitely made me think of his movies, and how much I loved them.

I was too young to watch them when they were in theaters, but I did rent the videos and watch them over and over again. My personal favorites were The Breakfast Club (1985, writer/director/producer), Some Kind of Wonderful (1987, writer/producer), and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986, writer/director producer). Sixteen Candles doesn’t hold up as well for me — things that seemed funny at the time now just seem racist and cruel — although Anthony Michael Hall and John Cusack are pretty hillarious. And I’m still bitter that Andie chose the wrong guy at the end of Pretty in Pink. (The story goes that the movie originally had her choosing fellow-geek Duckie and test audiences and producers wanted a “happier” ending. Sigh.)

What are your favorites? This montage might spark your memory:

via The Insider

When I got to high school, I was surprised to find that the divisions were not quite so clear — brains, athletes, basket cases, princesses and criminals — at least not at my small high school, but the perfect representation of awkwardness, of wishing you were different, was spot on. Moreover, he captured that feeling like at any moment, things could change. All too often high school is portrayed as this perfect time, or as the wreaking cesspool of angsty awfulness. John Hughes, like all great YA writers, got that it was both — and more.

Admirations & Inspirations: John Hughes

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