It’s been a long time since I’ve head a contestant for the Debs pageant on here. That’s because last month I was the touring Deb. You’ll still find me popping up and answering questions on other Debs’ blogs, but now I am jumping back into the fray and hosting my friends here. Hooray!

For the great return to the Debs Pageant, inspired by the pageants in Secrets of Truth & Beauty, we have Emily Carson from Jennifer Jabaley’s Lipstick Apology. And away we go . . .

LipstickApology_PB_mech02.inddCharacter name: Emily Carson
Age: 16

Biography: After my parents plane crashed I moved to NYC to live with my famous aunt, Jolie. She is a make up artist to the stars. You’d think it’d be fun living with a rich, famous aunt, and maybe it would be if I wasn’t still trying to figure out why my mother left me an apology scrawled in lipstick on a tray table.

What is your talent?
Hmm, if I had a talent, I guess it would be for making things blow up. Like the pumpkin catastrophe at Owen’s party, or the chemistry disaster or even how I blow up my love life into a splattered mess.

What will you wear for the evening dress competition?

Something green to match my eyes and closed toed shoes to hide my crooked toes.

Who is your escort?
I’ll take Owen if I want to wow the audience with his good looks and charm. I’ll take Anthony if I want a friend to calm my nerves. I’ll take Trent if I need someone to help me with a quick witted answer to the questions.

And now for the all important interview portion . . .What color best represents you and why?

If I had to pick a color that best symbolizes me, I’d pick pink. Pink is a softer color of romance and early love. Pink makes me think of friendships and femininity and softness. Pink is a less vibrant red and reflects how I can sometimes be passive and not as gutsy or pro active as I wish I could be.

Thanks, Megan! And do I get a crown??

Thank you Jennifer and Emily — we’ll see about that crown.

Lipstick Apology is available now. You can order it on Amazon, but it’s summer, so why not get outside and take a stroll to your local independent bookstore and get it there? To find out more about Jennifer and her writing, please visit her website.

Debs Pageant: Jennifer Jabaley
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