Here are some simple steps to get your book into local libraries.

  1. Make up a fake name for yourself.
  2. Send an email to libraries asking them to order your book for you (under your made up name, of course).
  3. When the librarian politely replies to your email and says that you don’t seem to be one of their patrons, and asks for basic information like your address or if you want to sign up for a library card, blithely ignore them and instead reply that you will see them that weekend to pick up the books.

Okay, hopefully you have realized that this is actually a terrible idea. Evidently, though, some writers are trying this. Aside from it being deceitful and stupid, librarians talk to each other. So not only have you annoyed the ones you’ve contacted, you’ve also damaged the reputation of your book through out the library world. Don’t. Do. It.

Writers: A Clever Way to get Your Book Into Libraries
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