No Music Monday today because Jennifer Brown is here to be part of the Debs Pageant. Hooray! In Secrets of Truth & Beauty, Dara is a former child pageant star. So, in order to introduce you to the wonderful authors and characters of the 2009 Debutantes, I am hosting a Debs Pageant on my blog. Today we have Valerie from Jennifer’s debut, Hate List, which is earning starred reviews!

hatelistCharacter name: Valerie Leftman
Age: 17
Biography: Valerie is a senior at Garvin High School. Always an outsider, Valerie is even more self-conscious ever since her boyfriend, Nick, shot several students in the school cafeteria last year. Valerie is smart and sensitive. Broody. Down deep, an artist. But Val is strong and courageous.

What is your talent?
Drawing. I’m going to draw a caricature of one of the judges in two minutes. It’s going to look just like him!

What will you wear for the evening dress competition?
Something dark, kind of funky. Maybe with some rips in it. And… can I wear my canvas sneakers with it?

Who is your escort?
My brother, Frankie. But he’ll be dressed way better than I am.

And now for the interview portion . . .
What’s the biggest challenge facing today’s youth?
Hatred and violence.

What color best represents you and why? Well, it sort of depends on the day. Used to be I was all about pink. But then I was all about black for so long, I forgot pink existed. But I’m kind of liking pink again.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I’d turn back time and bring Nick and all those other kids back. And also, I’d make everybody get along and like each other.

Thank you Jennifer and Valerie!

If you want to find out more about Jennifer and her book, please visit her website. You can order Hate List from Amazon, or get it from an Independent Bookstore. Jennifer recommends
Rainy Day Books in Fairway, KS and Fundamentals Parent-Teacher Store in Delaware, OH.

Debs Pageant: Jennifer Brown

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