Oh, Glee, how I love you.

I love that there is a show in which characters break into song to express their emotions, much like I would like to do on a daily basis.

I love that your characters are all stereotypes pushed beyond the breaking point, each with nugget of something pure within them.

I love that I get to watch Jane Lynch every week.

I love that you brought on Kristin Chenoweth as a guest star.

I love that you handled Kurt’s coming out so sensitively that I cried when he told Mercedes that he was gay.

I am less enthralled with your depiction of women in their thirties as overbearing and/or desperate for marriage/babies.

But I do love that you seem to also love eighties music.

I love that even though everyone has satirized “Single Ladies”, yours was so funny I laughed so hard I couldn’t sit up straight.

Yes, Glee, you have my heart!

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Music Monday: Glee
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