I get totally obsessed with songs. I want to hear them over and over and over again. Eventually I move on to something else, but once I am obsessed with a song, it always brings me joy.

Now here’s the weird part. Often, I am true to my New England roots (that is to say, cheap frugal) and I don’t actually buy the song. It probably stems from being burned one two many times by really loving a song, buying the CD, and realizing that all the other songs are pale imitations of the one I loved. Now that we’ve entered the brave new world of being able to buy just one song for only 99 cents, you’d think my habits would have changed. And I do tend to buy my obsession songs more often; I couldn’t resist “Single Ladies” earlier this year.

But I also love turning on the radio and hearing one of those songs I just love. Since I can’t go and play it when I want, it’s this wonderful happenstance. It’s like an indication that everything is fine, good even.

I am very much obsessed with “Say Hey” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. It makes me want to dance, and I love to dance.

Finally, in keeping with Music Monday, Jordyn and Ten Cent Notes is having a really fun contest for playlists of songs key to 09 Debs’ books. Bet you can guess which one I picked!

Music Monday: Obsessions

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