Kody Keplinger has declare today agent appreciation day, which is an as yet unofficial holiday.

My agents is Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger, and she is just amazing. Of course I am eternally grateful to her for finding me in the slush. She gave me my first taste of someone unrelated to me loving my characters, my worlds, and my words. I’ve had a pretty smooth road, but she’s been there to work out the bumps when they arise, all while making me feel as calm as a kitten with milk. She wears yellow dresses. She sounds like Terry Gross on the phone. She’s a New Englander, which means she’s very polite with a tough interior.

That’s why I appreciate her. Here’s why you should appreciate her: A Crowe’s Nest. It’s her group blog with her clients and offers a wealth of insider information on the business. If you’re not already a follower, you should definitely become one.

Thanks, Sara!

Agent Appreciation Day
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