I really, really wanted a Google wave invite. Then when I finally got one, I didn’t know what to do with it. Some of the folks at the school where I work and I are going to try to think of something. In the meantime, though, the awesome and talented Kurtis Scaletta used it to do a group interview of a bunch of authors (specifically, Josh Berk, Steve Brezenoff, Jon Skovron, Sarah MacLean, Saundra Mitchell, Deva Fagan, and Laurel Snyder). I think most of them were there in real time, but I came late. And Kurtis was very nice to not point out that I put my answers in all the wrong places and what not.

One question I couldn’t answer was what book made me want to become a writer. I loved the other author’s answers, and some of those definitely inspired me, too (esp. A Prayer for Owen Meaney). I can’t point to one book, though, that was like a switch of a light. It was more the cumulative effect of reading wonderful books, and going to those worlds, and living through the author’s worlds. I wanted to create world’s and people like that, too, first for myself, and eventually for other people.

But I’m curious, writers, is there a book or author that made you want to write?


Google Wave of the Future?
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