When I first heard this song by The Avett Brothers, I was rocketed back several years. I used to live in Brooklyn, and when I lived in New York I was sad. Sad and lonely and aching and longing for something else. I know it wasn’t the borough (though New York City as a whole isn’t off the hook), and never in my life since have I lived in the same place as so many of my dearest friends. It was just the time in my life. It was during and after college, and I wanted to be home, but my own home wasn’t really mine anymore.

I also love the ambiguity of the line “Three words that become hard to say: I and love and you.” It’s such a sad sounding song, that I wonder if I am being too hopeful to read two interpretations into these words. Because saying I love you is hard at two specific times: the first time, and when you don’t mean it anymore.

Music Monday: I and Love and You
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