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Sometimes I share some of my admirations and influences. Well, I thought it would be interesting and informative to ask some other writers about their admirations and influences from other fields of art. First up is Shani Petroff. Shani is the author of the Bedeviled series. The first book, Daddy’s Little Angel, came out in 2009. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Dress is out now, and a third book will be out later this year.

Here’s what Shani had to say about her influences:

What is your theme song or the theme song of your character?
For this book Angel definitely identifies with Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. She’s totally in love with Cole. But because her devil powers seem to go off whenever she’s around him, she pushes him away, and he ends up with someone else—a mean, popular someone else.

Who/what is your favorite visual artist or favorite piece of art?

For this one, I’m going to give a shout out to the illustrator of my covers—J. David McKenney. He really captured what Angel looks like, and I have him to thank for her red hair! It was his idea—he felt it fit her—and I totally agree. So I decided to switch it in the book.

The Bedeviled books are available from Amazon, but I like to support indies. So I asked Shani to recommend one: “One of my favorite independent bookstores is The Alphabet Garden. It’s located in my hometown in Cheshire, CT. I love that there’s a bookstore devoted to children right where I grew up!”

Admirations and Influences of Shani Petroff
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