Stacey Jay is the author of last year’s zombie comedy You Are So Undead to Me. This year’s she’s back with two more zombie books starting off with Undead Much?, which came out in January. She’s here today to talk about an artist she admires.

There are so many artists I admire, but one I’d love to bring attention to is April McGuire. She designed the t-shirt for “Undead Much?”, which you can see here.

She’s an amazing young artist and I love her work.

I found April on deviant art, which is one of my preferred places to browse when I’m procrastinating. As exciting as museums and society-approved art can be, it’s just as exciting to see what’s going on underground, what up-and-coming artists are up to.

Want more zombies? Go to Stacey’s website! You can even submit your own zombie art.

Pick up Undead Much online, at an independent bookstore (Stacey recommends Square Books Jr. in Oxford Mississippi), or at your local public library.

Admirations & Inspirations with Stacey Jay
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