So last night I chaperoned my school’s Junior Prom and it was so much fun.

First of all, dresses this season are so pretty. Almost all the girls had long, flowing dresses that brushed the floor. They were in bright colors, too, lots of pinks and yellows and patterns. One of my favorites was a girl in a yellow dress with pink accessories.

So now let’s talk about the dancing, because this is where I felt a bit like an Old Person. When I was in high school, this is how we danced:

So, you know, admittedly things have changed quite a bit. The last time I chaperoned a prom, there was lots of grinding and such, and so that’s what I was expecting. What I was not expecting was one big amorphous blob of grinding. One of the other chaperone’s and I felt like we’d feel very claustrophobic in such a mob. Has anyone ever danced like that? What’s it like?

The joy of line dances remains, though! I missed the Electric Slide because I was counting votes for the prom court, but I got to learn how to do the Cotton Eye Joe dance, which is hard in heels, which I guess is why most of the girls took their’s off.

And of course there was also the CIRCLE into which those with dance talent go in and show their stuff. I stood on a chair and still couldn’t see, but people seemed impressed with the guys in there.

All in all it was a great time, and I hope the students had as much fun as the chaperones did. Congratulations to the class of 2011!

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