Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite posts about banned books week:

  • Jennifer Hubbard looks at the SLJ article I mentioned earlier in the week in her post on Silent Censorship. Also check out her post Glass Houses about times she considered challenging a book to be a rational idea.
  • The always-eloquent Sara Zarr sums of intellectual freedom quite nicely:
  • “At a more basic level: I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t some books I wouldn’t be that excited about defending. But the thing is, intellectual freedom is like justice, and must be executed blindly. In our justice system, that sometimes means guilty parties go free. Likewise, sometimes books that we may not feel merit defense will be on shelves.”
  • Over on the YALSA Blog, the teen blogger reacts to the Speak/Slaughterhouse 5/Twenty Boy Summer controversy in Republic, MO:
  • “On her blog, Laurie Halse Anderson asked her readers to post about what Speak means to them. For me, it has always been about using your voice when it matters and learning to speak up for yourself when it’s clear that no one else will. Speak is about everything, in my opinion, that book banning prevents.”
Banned Books Week: Around the Web

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