On my recent tour, my school visits focused on revision and riddles. First I talked about my revision process, which I broke into two parts: the big questions and the little details. The big questions covered the activities I do to make sure I understand my character, setting, and plot. The little details focused on word choice, specifically choosing just the right word and not over-using words. In each school, I ended the visit by guiding the students through writing their own riddles. The activity was adapted from the Read Write Think Guide to writing riddles.

The tale end of my tour was in New York where Rachel Person from Northshire Books Saratoga organized visits for me in Saratoga, Greenfield, and Clifton Park. Every school was full of terrific riddlers! I wanted to hear every riddle, but we ran out of time. Luckily, the third graders of Geyser Street Elementary shared their riddles with me, thanks to their great PTA rep Christy. You can see these were very clever, creative kids! To reveal the answer, just highlight the text next to the word “Answer.”

I live in trees.  Caterpillars say I am the bee’s knees.  I fly like the wind being free.  I crumble a lot.  Don’t crush me!

Answer:  leaves

By Gianna D.

I am a yummy treat, good enough to eat.  I am like a cake.  When you eat me, you say “yummy”.

Answer:  cupcake

By Anna K.

I can be a cat or anything you can imagine.  I am like a marshmallow.  So fluffy, you could almost touch me.  What am I?

Answer:  clouds

By Marlaina

I am brown like chocolate.  I am fuzzy like a lemur.  I have sharp teeth like a cheetah.  I am brown like a dead log.  I say woof, woof!

I’m a chocolate lab.

By Kira

I am a dangerous fish in the sea.  I have sharp teeth like razors.  We chomp, chomp, chomp.  People fear me.

I’m a Great White Shark.

By Cameron

I am an eating machine, Chomp, Chomp, Chomp.  I don’t eat leaves.  I get in stink fights but get no injuries.  I live in the rain forest.  I leap through the trees.  I’m fuzzy.

I’m a bamboo lemur.

By Christian

I can be stinky, dirty, and big.  I help you walk.  I am crammed into a sneaker.  This is why I wreak.

I’m a foot.

By Carter

He likes basketball.  He is smart.  He has blue eyes.  He likes football.  He likes the Knicks.  He likes golf.  He likes the Yankees.  He likes the Giants.

It’s Jason, my friend.

By Jayden

I am leather.  I am a sport.  I have laces on me.  I sometimes get kicked.  I can fly at times.

I’m a football.

By Owen

He is funny.  He plays kickball.  He is cool, strong, and smart.  Who am I?

I’m Mr. Reynolds, my teacher.

By Mattie

I like people writing on me.  I help people learn.  I smell and feel pencil lead.  I hear people writing.  I see nothing.

I’m a notebook.

By Jonathan

We are black, blue, and red.  We flutter like the wind.  Most of us fly, some do not.  What am I?

Answer: A bird.

By Taylor

I hover and glide over you.  I do not bite you.  I am white, black and red too?!  I have 6 legs.  I eat aphids for farmers so they can grow crops.   What am I?

Answer:  Ladybug

By Genevieve

I am warm like fire.  I am rockable like a cradle.  I am comfortable like you warm bed. I am comfy like your couch.  Zip me up when you go camping.  What am I?

Answer: A sleeping bag in a hammock.

By Korbin

Sometimes when you listen to a seashell, you hear me.  I am as pretty as a sundown.  All you see is my waves.  Sharks and crabs live near me.  There is lots and lots of sand.  What am I?

Answer: Ocean/Beach

By Alyssa

I’m the rain, I am the lakes.  I am the ocean blue.  You can see your reflection on me but I can’t see you you!  What am I?

Answer:  water

By Madeline

It is pink all over.  I t is always mucky.  It has a swirly tail.  I’m as dirty as dirty can be.  I say Oink, Oink.

Answer:  pig

By Nate

He always has hair gel in his hair.  He has blue/green eyes.  I hear directions that he gives to us.  He is the best teacher ever.  Who is he?

Answer: r. Reynolds, my teacher

By Abby

What has stripes, is brown, has, to be used somewhere, and is a type of ball and is as quiet as a fox and as still as a stick.

Answer:  basketball!

By Erin H.

I am soft.  I like to hop up and down.  I can be a pet.  I am brown, black, white, and gray.

Answer:  rabbit


I can be tall but I can be small.  I can be loud as a boat engine, but I am not living.  You can hear my voice wherever you go.  You will remember this moment forever.

Answer:  Microphone

By Lily C.

I’m as hard as a wall, am like a tennis ball and go ting, ting, ting.

Answer:  baseball

By Louis

I am as soft as cotton.  I eat and I like to squeak, squeak, squeak.  I am like a bunny with small ears.

Answer:  Guinea Pig

By Jacob B.


Thank you Geyser Street Elementary!


New York Riddlers
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