My third grade students finished their projects to design a new space for their community a couple of weeks ago and I have been reflecting on the process ever since. I asked students to do a self-evaluation, too, and their feedback has helped to fuel this reflection.

Some things that went well:

  • The projects were connected to both the classroom curriculum and the literature I shared in our time together.
  • Students were engaged with the project and enjoyed the process.
  • Students felt empowered by the choice that they were allowed.
Some things to improve upon:
  • Focus on the design process: In my last post, I talked a lot about studying the design process with fourth graders. I feel l didn’t stress this enough in this third grade project. We brainstormed and designed, but I think it felt more haphazard to them.
  • Rework feedback options. I need to find a way to really incorporate more constructive criticism into these design projects.
  • Group work: some groups worked well together while others had more of a challenge. Perhaps group work itself is something I need to better teach and facilitate.
  • Timing: this project took over four weeks. Meeting students once a week means I might need to focus on projects that can be completed more quickly unless they are done in conjunction with a classroom teacher.

(Originally published on my Make Literacy Blog.)

Making Community Part 2: Reflection
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