In the interest of streamlining my web presence/responsibilities, I’m pulling my nascent Make Literacy blog over to this blog. My writing life and my librarian life are so intertwined it doesn’t really make sense to keep them separate.

Here’s how I introduced my Make Literacy project:

Hi! My name is Meg and I am a K-5 school librarian. I work in two schools in South Portland, Maine. One school, Dyer Elementary, is in the process of building a maker space, and we are excited to get making. The other school, Kaler Elementary, does not have a maker space (yet!), but I am still hoping to get making with them. My ultimate plan for this year is to pull together a maker cart. In the meantime, though, I have already started working with kids to explore materials and to design and build their ideas. This blog will focus on some of the projects we are doing, and will show how I am using the fiction and nonfiction in my learning commons to inspire their creativity.

I’m also going to repost the blog posts from Make Literacy over here.

Making Literacy
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