Cover of Good and GoneGood and Gone

Coming November 14, 2017 from HarperTeen (9780062348425)

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When Lexi’s older brother, Charlie, finds out that Adrian Wildes, a famous musician, has been reported missing, he insists on taking a road trip to find the elusive rocker. Lexi decides to go along with him, and so does their music-loving, out-and-proud neighbor, Zack. Being stuck in a car with Charlie—the same brother who disappeared from her life when he started dating the horrible Penelope, only to reappear in the form of an irritable couch potato when they broke up—is the last thing Lexi wants, but if it means getting Charlie out of the house for the first time in months, then so be it.

Besides, Lexi could use the distraction. Though she can’t exactly pinpoint why, her breakup with her pretentious ex-boyfriend, Seth, has left a bitter coil in the pit of her stomach. With a long stretch of lonely miles ahead of her, Lexi starts to recall bits and pieces of their short-lived romance and realizes that, with Seth, she became one of those girls—the kind that gets wrapped up entirely in a guy. Seth had a goal, he reached it, and then he blew her off. Now all that’s left is a blaring red rage—and the person whose help Lexi needs the most might as well be deaf.

As Lexi, Charlie, and Zack’s trip unfolds, the three uncover more than just clues about where the reclusive Adrian Wildes could be. Like why the smell of chlorine makes Lexi completely shut down. The real reason Charlie has been so withdrawn these past few months. What the words no, thank you mean. And if broken girls can put themselves back together again.

Take a listen to the audiobook, read by Caitlin Davies.


“With life lessons, capers, and heartfelt conversations abounding, this is a satisfying, mature, complex read,
ideally suited to teen book clubs.” Heather Booth, Booklist

“The darkly comic voice of 15-year-old Lexi Green powers this road trip adventure and navigates its serious underpinnings.” – Publishers Weekly

“An achingly accurate, well-rounded contemporary read that will be of broad interest for most teen collection.” – School Library Journal

“Lexi challenges male and female double standards by questioning them without pedantry or superiority.” – Kirkus Reviews